Business Moments for Sellers

Tip #20- 3 Types of Power in Negotiation

Tip #19- You Need a Broker Who Knows How To Be Persistent

Tip #18- Let the Buyer Know You Are Prepared

Tip #17- 17 Tips for Online Small Business Owners

Tip #16 - How to Grow Your Business Without Driving Yourself Crazy

Tip #15- Pre-Qualify Your Buyers

Tip #14- Replace Cash Flow with "Joe Flow"

Tip #13- Have a Checklist To Follow Throughout the Sales Process

Tip #12- Consider Creating Employment Agreements With All Your Key Employees

Tip #11- Control Your Reviews and Complaints

Tip #10- Own Your Business Not a Job!

Tip #9- Know and Understand Your Customer Profiles

Tip #8- Create a Team of Skilled Professionals

Tip #7- Know and Understand Your Balance Sheet

Tip #6- Know Your Competitors

Tip #5- Know Why You Are Selling

Tip #4- Make A Good First Impression

Tip #3- Learn from your customers And Prioritize your Customer Service

Tip #2- You Must Be Able to Measure All of Your Marketing

Tip #1- Do Not Do Your Own Bookkeeping


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