David Gilroy: Managing Director, Scale Finance LLC

"Joe is a superb networker and has a passion for helping small businesses in the area. His creativity and initiative in assisting the Lake Norman Chamber and other organizations in and around the Charlotte metro area make him an invaluable contributor to the community."

W.E. “Bill” Russell:
President, Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce

"Joe Vagnone is a champion of small business.  The Chair of our Business Growth Division at the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce, Joe works directly with our Economic Development Corporation in primary job creation as well as the growth and retention of small businesses within the Lake Norman region.  Author of “So You Want to Buy a Small Business?,” he understands the challenges facing small business owners and works to provide them with the tools they need to grow and succeed. His insightful television and radio programs give small business owners and managers tips on how to market, manage, and maximize their profits."



Al Conklin

"When it comes to putting buyer and seller together, Joe Vagnone is the best there is. He has a passion for making things work and has a knack for finding the right people, putting them in the right situations and making certain they succeed."

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