Buying a small business might be the answer during these tough economic times.

Joe Vagnone, buyer and seller of businesses for over 20 years, has released his first book, “So You Want to Buy a Small Business.” This book offers the solution of buying a small business to minimize the recession-related issues of finances and unemployment that face the world today.

Buying a business might actually be easier and more profitable than trying to find a new job during our current economic downturn. It is not only difficult to find a new job in this economy, but those who do often make 25-30% less in salary and do not have a flexible or family-friendly work schedule. For most people, everything boils down to the question of money. “So You Want to Buy a Small Business” shares different options for financing a business and many of them do not even require a bank. It explores some of the advantages of buying a business, including quality of lifestyle, peace of mind, being able to give back and tax benefits.

"This book is short and concise but it tells it like it is. It’s obvious that the writer has lived these experiences and has the ability to express his own life’s work directly from his heart. Any small business buyer would be wise to heed these words,” states retired Senior Vice President of The Grumman Corporations and owner of several small businesses.

Each chapter in “So You Want to Buy a Small Business” provides answers for the many questions people have about buying a business- from whether or not buying a business is right for you all the way up to closing the deal.

“So You Want to Buy a Small Business” is available on all major websites.


Joe Vagnone is passionate about small business, and since 1979 he has bought, sold, managed and operated well over 95 small businesses. He has owned multiple Franchises, including area rights. He has consulted for, and set up, marketing plans with National companies for local programs. Joe is currently listed as an “Expert” in the nationally recognized Business Reference Guide by Tom West. In addition, he has helped numerous individuals realize their dream of being small business owners themselves.

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