Dana Jordan - Editor - Lake Norman Woman Magazine

If you want someone who can close a deal, than Joe Vagnone is the right person for you. Joe is my business partner at Lake Norman Woman Magazine, and much of what we’ve accomplished is due to his insight, creativity and tenaciousness.

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All rates are subject to many variables and may change without notice. All owners & businesses must qualify for any services. I will evaluate the opportunities before agreeing to one. Once I do, rest assured that I will be confident I can help!

Business Sales: Minimum - $15,000
There are many factors to consider before I can give a rate, but average range is about 10% to 15% of selling price.

Buyer Searches: Minimum - $ 5,000
3% of sale price if no co-brokerage on purchased business \ no charge to the buyer if there is a co-broker.

Transfers: Minimum - $ 2,500
2% of sale price (not including inventory) if there is a willing buyer & willing seller.

Business Consulting:$250/hour
(every 6th hour is free).

Business Valuations: $5,700
for small businesses.

Marketing Ideas: $75/hour
(every 6th hour is free).

Marketing Plans: $250/hour
(every 6th hour is free).

Turn-Around Plans & Implementation: $250/hour (every 6th hour is free) or 7% of increased sales for same period.

Networking Assistance & Training: $25/hour
(every 4th hour is free).

Sales Force Training & Management: $375/hour
(every 6th hour is free) or 5% of increased sales for same period.