Can Your Broker...

  • ~Provide custom in-house demographic reports to assure a buyer or seller of the market and its potential?

  • ~Provide custom in-house direct marketing for buyer searches of businesses available for sale (nationwide if needed)?

  • ~Provide custom in-house database lists for selling your business nationwide?

  • ~Access the largest national data base of buyers & sellers?

  • ~Provide custom in-house data lists for marketing your business to create a larger customer base and market penetration where your competitors are not?

  • ~Market your business for sale on over 18 different national web sites?

  • ~Offer in-house consulting, on operational, turn around or action plans?

  • ~Create and implement, marketing ideas and plans?



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Small Business Advisory Groups
Large organizations have a board of outside advisors. Small businesses often lack this invaluable resource. We provide it. Our groups are limited to owners of established, growing companies who are dealing with the opportunities and challenges of growth and personal challenges to business owners. Here



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The Importance of Valuations

“There are many different Valuation methods. Depending on the size of the small business it can be a mix of art, science & experience as well as a real knowledge of the market the business operates in. I use my expertise to help you choose the right method that fits your business." Key information about valuations

Marketing A Business

Over the past 21 years my approach to selling any of my businesses included traditional forms of advertising. Take it from a guy who has spent thousands of dollars advertising businesses over the years, I have done the research and have compiled data that I will use to carefully craft the proper message to the target buyer. I have contacts within the business that will help facilitate virtually any marketing plan.

I Can Help!

  • Business Sales
  • Buyer Searches
  • Transfers
  • Business Consulting
  • Owner-Financing Options
  • Business Valuations
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Marketing Plans
  • Turn-Around Plans & Implementation
  • Networking Assistance & Training
  • Sales Force Training & Management

    The real deal -for- small business