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Jeff Tarte:
Former Senator – NC Sen. Dist. 41

"Joe Vagnone served as an integral part of my Small Business Advisory Board during my tenure as Mayor for the Town of Cornelius from 2007 to 2012.  He has the ability to bridge and create collaboration between small businesses and government agencies.  He was instrumental in guiding us to creating town policy to grow small businesses in the local area."


Small Business Broker & Adviser

"The real deal -for- small business"

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My interest and experience is in helping small business owners sell their businesses in the least possible time. I define a small business as one with gross sales of $3 Million or less. Because of the unique challenges that come within a small business re-sale, I have become very skilled at finding and transitioning buyers where others have had a difficult time making the deal work.

To the point:
I can make it happen for the buyer and seller when others cannot or just choose to not spend the time. One of the most important things I do to put buyers and sellers together is to Co-Broker all deals! This means I make contact with any and all brokers who may have a buyer and share the deal with them. Although this is not common in our area, this approach CERTAINLY closes more deals faster. After all that is our ultimate goal!

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Small Business Advisory Groups
Large organizations have a board of outside advisors. Small businesses often lack this invaluable resource. We provide it. Our groups are limited to owners of established, growing companies who are dealing with the opportunities and challenges of growth and personal Challenges to business owners. Here

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"Its apparent to the reader that the process of buying a business is what helps prepare the buyer for the owning & operating of their business."